Universités et Écoles aux Dijon, France

Les Meilleures Universités et Écoles aux Dijon, France 2019

Les universités et les écoles de commerce à Dijon. Trouvez toutes les informations sur les universités les mieux classées à Dijon ici, et contactez-les directement!

2 Résultats en Dijon

Burgundy School of Business

France Dijon Lyon September 2019

Founded in 1899, Burgundy School of Business is a leading teaching and research school belonging to the network of top French academic institutions in management.

 With its deep commitment to the values of responsibility, openness and creativity, Burgundy School of Business places entrepreneurial management firmly at the centre of its teaching and research mission: to train managers ready to act as entrepreneurs in both business and society areas.

AgroSup Dijon

France Dijon September 2019

The University “Bourgogne Franche – Comté” has been ranked 2nd best French University in the field of Food Sciences (Shangaï, 2017). Most of the lecturers and scientists involved in the Master’s program are members of the Food and Microbiological Processes research unit (UMR PAM). The PAM Research Centre plays a major role in scientific and technological advances in the field of food and wine. The joint scientific focus of all the members is to understand the physical, chemical,… [+] and biological phenomena that determine food quality with the ambition of developing new products and new food processes. In addition to the pedagogical team, international invited lecturers will be involved. [-]